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The EQ Trader program has evolved into a dynamic trading tool which is now used by market professionals. 

A great paradox of modern life is that the more complex markets become, the more clients want simple, easy solutions. 

Whilst the EQ Trader program is an extremely sophisticated product it is also the most “user friendly” program of its kind and new traders can become proficient in a relatively short period of time.

Accurate and timely information is the lifeblood of financial decision making and the web-based internet delivery of our system allows clients access from any location.

EQ Trader has a solid reputation built on innovation, quality of service and results.

Below you will find a selection of Screen-Shots from the EQ Trader Software Program.
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EQ Trading Home Page
The Homepage
After successfully logging in you will be greeted by your Home Page. This page contains useful information to help you check your shares each day as well as find new trading opportunities. It shows an overview of your current portfolio.
EQ Trading Indices Page
The Indices Page
After checking your shares each day, the next question to ask yourself is – are there any new shares that I am interested in today that I want to keep an eye on? The aim of this approach is to quickly build a short list of shares from today’s market that you potentially may be interested in. On a typical day you would narrow the shares to look at from nearly 2000 down to just 20 or 30 in under 5 minutes using the EQ Trader program.
EQ Trading Scan Page
The Market Analysis Screen
The Market Analysis page contains a list of shares that may be of interest to us. The Market Analysis page contains useful information for you to analyse the performance of individual shares.
EQ Trading Analysis Screen
The Detailed Analysis
The Detailed Analysis page is the most complex page you will come across in the program. As with all pages on this site, we simplify it by making it colour coded. Green is bullish (strong) and red is bearish (weak). At the very top of the page you will see the name of the share, the dates of our analysis and a small chart. Below this you will see a table full of green and red squares. This is the engine room of the software. There are 9 technical indicators used in the Analyser. The first is the column named MA (which stands for moving average), while the ninth is the Force Index.
EQ Trading Chart Screen
The Chart
The Stock Scan page presents a list of shares to review. To examine each share further, you would need to open a chart of the share price. The chart contains all the tools that you need to interpret what is happening to a given stock. The most important feature to notice is the black line. This is the price history for the stock over the last 3 months. There are a few other features that you will regularly use, available here. The red and blue lines are moving averages. Then there are 3 boxes below the box where the price line is shown. These are the MACD, stochastic and volume. Finally, all of the buttons on the left hand side of the chart are tools that you will find useful as you become more confident in reading a chart.