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EQ trading came into existence because both directors were shocked after seeing government statistics that indicated many typical Australian families were going to retire with limited funds and would be dependent on whatever state funds were available at the time of their retirement, or worse still be forced to work past retirement age.

After some prolonged research it became clear to both directors that many people saw superannuation as their golden parachute, however these people were not focused on the high cost of inflation or the poor returns that many of the superannuation funds were delivering.

Consequently many people even with superannuation were still at risk of having insufficient wealth to maintain their lifestyle at retirement.

Their vast knowledge of training and business management to assist people from all walks of life to be independent  and create the level of wealth they wanted for their families.

They both understand the key pillars that determines FINANCIAL SUCCESS is not only the quality of their business life; it is also your families life combined with your social life.

Assisting Australians create wealth without sacrificing these fundamental pillars of family life became a burning, from that EQ Trading has developed to be a highly successful company helping many thousands achieve wealth without spending every waking hour working!

“The knowledge and skills you will acquire with EQ Trading will greatly increase not only the size of your wallet; but also your confidence and power”

Combined, they form an excellent team for an extremely insightful perspective on how to become very successful, wealthy and powerful.

EQ Trading Pty Ltd will help you develop a passion, willpower, and commitment to ensure you succeed with the easy to learn skills and strategies that you will discover.

All you need is a desire to make money and to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Their motivation and primary goal is to provide all members ‘Absolute Excellence In Customer Service’ that will always exceed their expectations.

To date, EQ Trading prides itself on having achieved 100% customer satisfaction